When I moved to the US from India, I was surprised to find
chai (aka chai- latte) bore no resemblance to the chai
I grew up with. That’s why I created Chime, to share the
pleasure of authentic chai with as many people as possible.

Gaurav Chawla
Founder, Chime

Making authentic chai is a labor of love that
takes time, precision and can be messy.

Real chai is multi layered and uses natural whole ingredients. Real chai is steeped in history and follows age-old techniques.

See how we have designed the Chime brewer to do it all for you!

Great chai needs great ingredients

We take great care and pride in responsibly sourcing the bold teas and aromatic spices in our Chai Caps

We’re Tea Picky

The cool & humid climate at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas make Assam and Darjeeling two of the world’s best tea cultivating regions. They produce bold black teas, distinctly sweet with spicy undertones.

We spice it up, organically

For the perfect pairing to our fabulous teas, we work with
trusted organic producers in Kerala to ensure the highest
grade of all our aromatic spices that feature in our chai caps

Meet Gaurav & Samip

Come, join us for a cup of chai

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